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Why start a blog in 2020?

Why start a blog in 2020?

Today, I'm launching my new personal website, featuring this new blog. I already have a YouTube channel, Instagram and Twitter accounts. So why would I want to start a blog? I’ve had a blog at various times in the past, but there are three main, interlocking reasons that caused me to start the process of revamping my website at the end of April and start posting here publicly today.

It’s good to have a platform that I completely control

Everyone subscribes to way more people and channels on social media than they could ever consume. As a result, social networks use algorithms to decide what content you should actually see, in order to keep you engaged, and not overwhelmed. With a blog, I can go straight to my RSS subscribers and website readers. There’s no algorithm filtering in between. The only thing that could burry my content here is more of my content. While many more people will see my work on social media, I like having my website as the clear record for those who want the complete set of content.

There are also a variety of worst case scenarios like getting hacked where, if my website is still running, it’s nice to have it as an option to post updates. I digress…

An online record

Many of the other things I do online can also be represented as a blog post, which makes my blog a great running record of the things I'm doing and publishing around the Internet, including the original posts here. Don’t worry, every tweet I post won’t turn into a blog post, but larger projects like YouTube videos, and app updates will be posted here.

Speaking of reference, blog posts are also easier for other people to quickly reference for newsworthy events. I can announce things like new projects and app updates I’m launching here. Depending on what it is, hopefully others will link to it.

Some things are just easier or faster to talk about in a blog post

Videos can take a lot of time to produce. Sometimes a video is the best way to convey an idea. Other times, I have ideas that are best captured, or more quickly shared with some words and a few pictures. These will now become blog posts.

Some of these ideas are also one-off tangents that social network algorithms would probably de-prioritize and hide from my audience because they aren’t part of the core content my users are known to tap on. These items can go here on my blog, with no need to worry if they get buried by the algorithms.

Workflow is king

Picking the technical details of this website has been part of a broader evolution improving my workflow for making apps, to blog posts, to YouTube videos, and everything in between. I detailed the process of starting this blog in another new post, and I’ll be sharing more about the rest of my workflow updates in the future.

Take a look around

In testing out this blog setup, I migrated all of my BestPhotos posts from my old Windy Software company blog. I also made posts for each of the YouTube videos I’ve posted so far in 2020. The website has an optional dark mode, that is automatically turned on if your device is in dark mode. You can customize your preference by clicking the link in the footer.

It hasn’t taken me loads of time, but this project is something I’ve been slowly chipping away at for over a month. It’s so exciting to see this, and my companion BestPhotos website up and running. I hope you enjoy it.