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Tech Terms

HomeKit - Apple’s developer framework for creating and managing smart home accessories

Home app - the app Apple ships with all their devices except Apple TV to manage your HomeKit smart home. Apple TV has many HomeKit features but not a dedicated Home app

Smart home accessory - any device you add to your smart home, like a smart plug, smart light bulb, or camera

Scene - a scene in HomeKit is a saved preset that sets any number of smart home accessories to the desired state, like turning on specific lights

Thread - a new wireless standard used by smart home accessories to communicate quickly and reliably for events like lights turning on and off or temperature changes

Matter - a new set of smart home standards designed to allow devices to work with many smart home platforms by conforming to this one standard. In other words, it’s like the USB of smart homes if you know what USB is.

Smart plug - a small device that plugs into an electrical outlet and turns on/off the flow of electricity to connected appliances or lights

Smart bulb - a light bulb that is equipped with some form of smart connection to control its brightness and sometimes the color of light, so long as it continues to receive power from the light socket

Smart switch - a replacement for a standard electrical switch in your wall that can also be controlled by your smart home

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