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See what's on my iPhone with MacSparky!

See what's on my iPhone with MacSparky!

David Sparks has long been an internet hero of mine. He is a co-host of the Mac Power Users podcast, his MacSparky Blog, Field Guides, and more recently MacSparky Labs (where I'm a member). I really enjoy his content, so I was honored when David asked to feature my home screens in the latest installment of his Home Screens series on his blog. You can check it out on his website.

These screenshots were taken a little while ago. Most things are the same today though, except that I've ditched Matter as a read-it-later app and I've gone back to Instapaper. Instapaper is what I've used for years, and while Matter has some cool features, I'm too lazy to adapt to a different way of reading articles later.

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