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Life Update: We had twins! (and disinfected our dirty phones)

Life Update: We had twins! (and disinfected our dirty phones)

Earlier this month, my wife gave birth to twins (boy and girl). They were born early and had to each spend some time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to help them adjust to this world. Now they are both home and doing well, and we have a total of three children in our house under 2! Thankfully we also have great family in the area who can help manage the mayhem. While this is a wonderful and sentimental time for our family I wanted to cover some things here that might be of interest to you.

Your smart phone is full of germs!

While visiting the NICU, I was introduced to this CleanSlateUV machine they had you use on arrival. It disinfects your mobile devices with UV light. You simply put your devices in there, shut the lid, and wait about twenty seconds while you go wash your hands. It was super cool and I wish I could get one for my house. After doing some Googling I learned they are targeted at industrial uses and the website just says to “Request a Quote”…in other words…not at all logical for an individual to purchase. I’m no expert on germs, but it’s clear to me that our mobile phones are probably much dirtier than we would like to think. I love the concept of regularly disinfecting them and making it so easy.

What about my side projects?

I still have a big update to BestPhotos around the corner. As far as YouTube, I’m taking a little bit of a break. Finding large blocks of time to film and edit videos is almost impossible right now. Small chunks of free time to code BestPhotos or write blog posts is more feasible. I’ve been working on BestPhotos since 2016, and app side projects since 2011. App development has been able to survive many life transitions already, where as I just started YouTube videos in 2018.

Today is back to a “new normal” for me as I return to work. Wish me luck.