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Could the Eve Water Guard save your smart home?

Could the Eve Water Guard save your smart home?
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Eve just released a new version of their Eve Water Guard sensor that adds a Thread radio. But is this the right sensor to protect your home against a potential water leak?


  • 00:00 Meet the new Water Guard
  • 00:48 The dangers of water damage
  • 01:21 What about Aqara's leak sensor?
  • 01:48 Eve Water Guard Features
  • 03:10 Worth the upgrade from the old Water Guard?
  • 03:34 Where I use my Water Guard
  • 04:54 Other great places to use this
  • 05:16 Where Eve Water Guard might not be enough
  • 06:39 One other potential downside
  • 08:41 More resources
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