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Can you trust Eric Welander?

Getting products for free

Buying all the latest and greatest smart home products for review on the channel is not sustainable. As a result, companies will send me their latest products so I can talk about them on the channel. If this is the case, I will mention it in the video. If I don’t mention if I was given the product for free, then you can assume I bought it. If you need clarification for a specific video, feel free to ask in the video comments or email me at


Certain videos on my channel are sponsored. This means that a brief portion of the video will be dedicated to sharing the sponsor's message in exchange for them paying me money. This helps add revenue to the channel. The talking points for these spots are chosen in partnership with the sponsor, and they review the script of the sponsorship spot before I film it. They also have some insight into the topic of the video to make sure it’s a good fit for their target market. I do not share the video with them.

I’m also very selective of the companies I actually work with. If you see me doing a sponsorship spot, it’s for something I genuinely think you would be interested in. This way you, me, and the sponsor all get something great out of the deal.

Where are the negative reviews?

There are a handful of products I’ve tried over the years that I don’t like or don’t work well for me. If I don’t see anyone else talking about the product downsides online, then I will make a video on it, but many times I feel it’s better to shine a light on the good products, rather than spewing negativity about the bad ones. If you don’t see me covering a product, and you think I should, there might be a reason I don't like it. It could also be that I just haven't had the opportunity to try out the product yet.


At any given time, I own stock in some of the companies I cover on my channel. Right now my channel is not at the size to directly impact the stock price of any of these massive tech companies. If my channel ever grows to this point, I might consider avoiding investments in the tech sector.

Eric Welander

I'm a YouTuber and software developer helping you build an effective Apple smart home by leading you to the best products and automation for your setup.