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On the desk of Eric Welander

On the desk of Eric Welander

Keychron Q1 Keyboard - I have the carbon black version with Gateron Brown switches. My keycaps are all black cherry keycaps from WASD. It took a lot of experimenting to arrive at this keyboard, but right now, this is my main and favorite keyboard.

Apple Magic Trackpad - If you use a Mac at a desk where you don't have a laptop trackpad within usable distance, this trackpad is a huge help as it unlocks many of the macOS gestures. It you are curious what it's like, I made a YouTube Short the day I got mine.

Apple Magic Mouse - this mouse isn’t the greatest but I’m sick of dealing with macOS software bugs from third-party mice manufacturers. I like that it cones in a matching black now.

Macally Laptop Stand - this is a well-made stand at a decent price for putting your laptop vertical on your desk. If you run your laptop in "clamshell mode" on your desk, stands like this can save precious desk space.

Logitech Litra Glow - I've tried a variety of different lighting setups for web meetings. This is the best cost for performance balance in my opinion. I've ditched Logitech G running on my Mac, and I just turn it on and off with the button in the back. It powers through USB-C which is great so you don't need to worry about batteries. You might think that any cheap light will work. That might be true, but cheap video lights can often have weird colors that make you look blue, green, or yellow because they don't have the margin to invest in getting color accuracy correct.

LG UltraFine 5K Display - At this point, I would look more closely at the Apple Studio Display if you want a nice 5K screen for your desk. I bought my LG 5K in 2019 and so far it's good enough for me. It appears key advantages of Apple's Studio Display over my LG would be the reduced wobble on your desk, the nanotexture option, and increased reliability. If you are looking for a less-expensive monitor, Joanna Stern from the Wall Street Journal recommends this one from LG.

Grovemade Wool Felt Desk Pad - This desk pad adds a nice dimension to my desk. It also changes the sound of my mechanical keyboard to be slightly more muted and less clang-y, which I prefer.

StreamDeck - I'm linking to the new version, but I use the version

Ember Mug - I never thought I needed my mug to be smart until I got an Ember as a gift from my employer. It's a Bluetooth-connected mug that keeps your coffee or other hot drink at the specific temperature you want. The coaster also acts as a charger. I keep one coaster on my desk and one in a kitchen cabinet. I really wish Ember would make a dishwasher-safe version of this mug since this is the ONLY thing I hand wash. But now when I get pulled away from my coffee for a short time in the morning, it doesn't get cold.

BenQ ScreenBar Plus - BenQ sent me their ScreenBar Plus and ScreenBar Halo to review on my channel at various times. Both are very nice ways to light your desk light from on top your monitor. While these lights don't take up space on your desk, one downside is that they might keep you from using certain webcams above your monitor, since they sit right there. The key differences between the Plus and the Halo are a wireless knob for control and an extra light behind your monitor on the Halo. I would recommend getting the Plus and saving the money if you are debating between the two.

Eric Welander

I'm a YouTuber and software developer helping you build an effective Apple smart home by leading you to the best products and automation for your setup.