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BestPhotos 2.1

This update is all about albums and folders! You can now:

  • Add albums or folders
  • Rename albums or folders
  • Move albums or folders between folders
  • New smart search for finding photos or videos that aren’t in albums
  • Drag and drop albums into folders for easy arrangement on iPad
  • Drag and drop photos and videos into albums on iPad

Along with Albums and Folders, this update also adds:

  • Support for new iPads, not only in screen sizes, but also for their screen recordings in the iOS Screen Recordings smart search
  • Smart search sections are now collapsible
  • Better metadata icons, including identification of bursts, RAW, and RAW+JPEG photos
  • A setting for HDR and Portrait Mode smart searches to optionally require the presence of a “normal” copy photo to show up in the search
  • Bug fixes for loading videos in certain situations
  • Updated option to share new analytics, diagnostics, and crash reporting
  • Some other, smaller bug fixes