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BestPhotos 2.1.4

BestPhotos 2.1.4 went live this morning on the App Store for all users. This update includes bug fixes and small improvements.

  • I redid the way that photos and videos load from your library, which should improve reliability and performance, as well as lay the foundation for future updates with more features.

  • When you swipe to mark a photo to be deleted, if the auto-advance setting is on, it will automatically advance to the next photo when you let go. This used to only happen if you tapped the button.

  • When looking at photos, you can now see if the original is a JPG or HEIC from a badge in the top left corner, similar to how RAW and RAW+JPG was already handled.

  • I moved away from Google Firebase to Amplitude and Bugsnag for reporting analytics and crashes respectively. You can always change your preference for sharing this in the app settings screen, and read more in the BestPhotos Privacy Policy.

I should note that this update will probably be the last one to support iOS 12. I have some exciting ideas in mind to take advantage of new iOS and iPadOS features, and as a single developer company, I can only do so much at once.