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BestPhotos 2.0

For over a year, BestPhotos has given thousands of users the power to search and organize their photo library in totally new ways. With 2.0, BestPhotos takes this even further. The update is completely free for existing users, including new smart searches for users who already purchased “The Best Features” upgrade.

What’s new?

  • Improved interface design using a dual column layout
  • Improved video management…focus on your Vertical Video or go through your iOS Screen Recordings
  • Siri Shortcuts to jump back to today, this week or this month in BestPhotos, along with smart searches
  • New library stats view telling you more about your past 12 months in photos and videos
  • Swipe to delete or favorite photos on iPhone and iPad (previously iPhone only)
  • Touch, hold, and then drag to select multiple photos
  • Tweaked algorithm for finding duplicate photos
  • New app icon

Great with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
Everyone is talking about the new HDR and portrait mode features on the latest iPhones. One of the little-known features in the iOS Settings is being able to save a normal copy of the same photo for both portrait mode and HDR. As part of “The Best Features” upgrade, BestPhotos can search your library for HDR or portrait mode photos, along with their “normal” copy siblings. This way you can jump to either mode in the moment of a shot and select which type of photo looked best for that circumstance later.

BestPhotos is available on the App Store as a free download.
“The Best Features” in-app purchase costs $2.99 USD.