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Favorite Apps and Services

Smart Home

Apple’s Home app - this almost goes without saying and ships on all Apple devices except Apple TV

Eve for HomeKit - this is a helpful app if you want to add more advanced, conditional automations, even if you don’t own any Eve products.

HomePass - this is a handy utility for keeping track of your HomeKit codes for different products. This makes it much less likely you’ll lose the HomeKit codes for different devices you have in your smart home. If you lose those, then you have no way to add them back to your HomeKit setup.

Home+ and Controller for HomeKit - both of these apps take HomeKit to an advanced level, unlocking all the little details and features I can’t fit in a paragraph like this. The one key difference to me is that Controller for HomeKit also works on the Mac.

Apple Music - I know it might sound out of place, but Apple Music is arguably the most used app in our smart home. We have all kinds of music playing around the home on HomePods and AirPlay 2 speakers. If you are building out an Apple smart home, I strongly encourage you to consider it.


Drafts - this is an exceptional app for capturing ideas and quickly writing down what’s on my mind. Then I can turn this into something in another app later when I have the time

Todoist - I use Todoist to organize tasks and chores. The killer feature that keeps me using it is natural language processing so I can quickly file a task for the right project and date. I also love favoriting my active projects/lists of tasks at the top of the sidebar.

Obsidian - Obsidian is a great, free notes app that organizes your notes and al- lows you to do fancy, modern linking of ideas. One of the best parts is that all your notes are stored as plain text files, so they are easy to export if you ever want to take them to another app. The extensions platform also makes for some powerful ways to customize the app.

Timery - I use Timery and the service Toggl to track my time for this side business. This way if I’m considering hiring someone to help me for something, I know how much time it’s taking me, and how to value that potential investment.

Shortcuts - I’ve always used Shortcuts by Apple since before Apple owned it, but I’m starting to create more and more shortcuts for my workflow that I’ll share in my videos.

Content Creation

FinalCut Pro X - I can’t imagine using anything else for editing YouTube videos if you have a Mac. Final Cut Pro X is the perfect app for short and quick videos.

Notion - I use Notion for organizing my videos for YouTube and a handful of related things. There’s a reason you see so many YouTubers talking about Notion. It’s perfect for managing content creation workflows. Many regular business tasks are still managed in Todoist.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - This is where I organize all the photos I use for thumbnails and other published content. My family photos stay in Apple Photos.

Adobe Photoshop - I started using Adobe Photoshop in high school. I’m no ex- pert, but I can’t imagine making thumbnails and graphics without this app.

Figma - I use Figma to manage my graphics, colors, and designs for this business, including my W logo you see on this website. There are probably other tools you could use for these kinds of tasks, but since I have a background in software development, Figma is a design tool I’m familiar with.

Ulysses - While I like Obsidian for taking quick notes and working on ideas, I can’t see how people write in it. The grammar check and related tools are terrible. Most published writing and video scripts start in Ulysses for me. It’s an exceptional writing app and integrates nicely with my Ghost CMS for this website.

Ghost Pro - Ghost is the open-source software that runs this website. I host this on Ghost Pro because it comes with a global content delivery network for images built-in, it seems to be very fast, and if the proverbial server goes down at 2 AM, it’s not my problem.

Eric Welander

I'm a YouTuber and software developer helping you build an effective Apple smart home by leading you to the best products and automation for your setup.