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Announcing BestPhotos 3

Announcing BestPhotos 3

Today I’m launching a huge new update to my BestPhotos app. This update is a big step forward in modernizing the app, adding more features, and refreshing the design with one that feels more at home on iOS and iPadOS 14.

What is BestPhotos?

We take and manage more photos than ever before, which requires a specialized type of app to sift through the avalanche of images. BestPhotos helps you quickly choose your best photos, and delete the outtakes. Otherwise, when you want to share a photo, you're always left debating between multiple versions of the same shot.

What’s new in 3.0?

  • New calendar view: View your photo library spread across days, months, and years in a calendar view. Tap on any day or month to work with it.
  • Copy and paste location data: Grab a few photos with your phone and simply paste the location to photos you took with your camera.
  • Updated Compare Mode: Lock and unlock either side of a comparison with a new, redesigned way to compare photos. Choosing your preferred shots is easier than ever.
  • Import photos: Connect a camera, SD card, or external drive and auto apply a location, timezone offset, and an album on import of the photos.
  • New smart search for "weird dates", or essentially photos that were assigned a date near epoch time zero, and probably need to be adjusted. One cause for this is photos imported into your library from very old data sources, often with less common formats.
  • Adjust time zone offset or dates on photos: Forget to change the time on your camera, or want to assign the proper date to those old photos you scanned? Now it’s easier than ever.

What Took So Long?

Since WWDC 2019, I played around with different ideas of features to add to the app, and spent many iterations finding the right feature set for BestPhotos 3. Unfortunately, this meant the app went over a year without an update for users. I don't want this to happen again.

Many features I worked on over the past year are shipping with version 3, but others are still a work in progress and might ship sometime soon. Regardless, you should expect to see regular updates to BestPhotos going forward.

The atomic habit that built BestPhotos

I loved reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear last year. This app update is the product of months of habitually getting up and coding before the rest of my family rises. Even with our new twin babies in the home, I’m still able to make working on BestPhotos a regular part of my morning routine. I think you’ll continue to see this development time bring results and updates to BestPhotos.

What about my main YouTube channel?

I plan to continue posting videos on YouTube, and I have some exciting new content for my channel in the works. It’s just not ready yet. I needed that time to focus on our new babies, and then all the marketing for launching BestPhotos 3 today. Thanks for your patience.

To learn more about BestPhotos, check it out on the App Store, or visit